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 how I made a pushchair and baby

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how I made a pushchair and baby Empty
PostSubject: how I made a pushchair and baby   how I made a pushchair and baby I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 12:58 pm

Hi, I wanted to tell you about this pushchair and doll that I made.

how I made a pushchair and baby Picture260

I bought a broken pram with the frame that you see with the pushchair. I pulled the pram body off the frame and painted the frame turquoise with airfix paints. then I cut up some flexible plastic to form the base of the seat and the back and sides stuck them together with sticky tape. Covered them with straw strips on the outside and lined with fabric on the inside. I glued that with fabric glue. I glued the seat to the frame of the pushchair.

I bought some flesh coloured pipe cleaners from a mini sculpt outlet. I used a dutch sculpy. name forgotten. I sculpted the head, hands and feet. then i had a patterned sock that I had saved. i cut the sock up and sewed some of it into the shape of the baby body. then put the pipe cleaners in to form arms and legs. then stuffed it a little. Then glued the hands, feet and head into the body of his sleep suit and then made him a hat and glued that. The knitted blanket was bought at a mini fair at NEC. I hope you like them. If you have any queries let me know. Sarahx
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how I made a pushchair and baby
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