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 Im new...anyone here into Playscale????

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Im new...anyone here into Playscale???? Empty
PostSubject: Im new...anyone here into Playscale????   Im new...anyone here into Playscale???? I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 6:48 pm

Hi, Im Tara, and Ive collected miniatures for dollhouses my whole life although for the last ten years Ive concentrated on just a slightly bigger scale....1/6, or Barbie size. Dont let the Barbie word scare you, though, my doll house is a Victorian mansion circa 1858{although anachronisims keep creeping in} and I use 1/12 stuff all the time as theres frequently a happy overlap.

The rooms of the doll house measure 40 by 24 by 24 which gives me PLENTY of space for furniture and decorations, if I can send pix here I will!!!
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Im new...anyone here into Playscale????
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