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 Hello all i am a huge fan of anything old and unusual in excellent condition

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PostSubject: Hello all i am a huge fan of anything old and unusual in excellent condition   Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:28 am

So i love to collect just about anything that is old and in excellent condition, for a couple reasons. The first reason is once I got my hands on my first significant and unusual antique I was hooked, I had totally drank the koolaid right then and their. Second reason being after I score something new I know that it will be taken care of and not deprived of its original greatness. I get very upset when i see something that is in a careless persons hands and they have treated it like clutter so it will never be all originally badass again.
Anyways i have scored a very large amount of vintage dollhouse building material including electrical, plumbing, etc. There is a ton of building materials and even more of the things you would install to finish your house right down to the finish face plates you install over electrical outlets.
There is so much that I have chosen a few things to keep and im going to get rid of the rest. I should also metion that 90% of this stuff is still in the original packaging and made in the U.S.A.
I would like to find somebody who actually has a passion for this type of stuff than Im gonna give that person or people a great deal so this stuff can find a good home to get older and older.
So to make a long story even longer that is basically where im at.
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Hello all i am a huge fan of anything old and unusual in excellent condition
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