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 Safe Shopping!

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Laura - Admin
Laura - Admin

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PostSubject: Safe Shopping!   Tue May 19, 2009 9:59 am

When I asked my newsletter subscribers what they would like in a forum
a lot of you said that security had been an issue in previous forums
you had visited. You indicated that it was not always clear how
reliable people who posted in forums were and this could especially be
an issue in buy and sell forums.

Taking this on board I have developed a points and reputation system
for this forum. Every person who posts here will have a points score.
You start of with 0 points and gain points for every post you make. You
will also gain points for every friend you make here and for the number
of days you have been registered.

Every member will also have a reputation score. Members can vote for
your posts and boost your reputation score. They can also thank you for
posting some valuable information and you can gain points in this way.
You can also lose points if you receive a negative vote.

By using the points and reputation system you will be able to see how reliable members are.
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Safe Shopping!
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