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PostSubject: Helpppppppp   Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:43 am

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing on behalf of my ailing father. I am trying to find a doll house collector or someone whom would be interested in my fathers doll house that he built about 25 years ago. You see, he is very ill and probably won't be with us much longer. He has four children all grown. All four children want the doll house and he is torn apart about who to give it to. He doesn't want everybody to fight over it. It is a replica of a colonial house built by hand. There is absolutely nothing manufactured on his creation. Every single wooden shingle was hand cut, chiseled, and carved. There is not one nail, glue or staple in this house. Every thing was made like an original 1700's period. Everything is grooved and pegged and dovetailed. Even the pegs are hand made and carved. It is quite beautiful and unique. The windows actually move up and down and have little Levey's with weights on the inside of the walls. He wanted it to be an exact replica to an original colonial house from the 1700's. He has even made all the furniture by hand. Nothing is prefabricated or store bought. All the furniture is handmade and carved. The reason I'm writing to you is in hopes that you may help me in the right directions. I have spent countless hours on the internet trying to find some kind of information in stirring us in the right direction as far as how to either sell this doll house or give it away. My father would prefer to sell it but if he can't then he would like to give it to someone whom will put it to good use. He worked very hard on this house and has put several years of painstaking hours into building it. He was a craftsmen carpenter for over 45 years. Do you know of someone or an instutuete that would be interested in the house? Can you direct us into the right direction? I would appreciate any information at this point? I'm a bit discouraged being on the internet. All I keep coming up with is manufactored kits of doll houses. If you would like a picture. Just let me know and I can send one.
Darlene Smith daughter to Andre Laliberte.

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