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 Why do you need to buy DIDs with UcallWeconn?

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PostSubject: Why do you need to buy DIDs with UcallWeconn?   Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:08 am

Why do you need to buy DIDs with UcallWeconn?
The answer is easy. In case when you buy a number at traditional operator in most cases you cannot change the location of your office or appartment. If you do, then likely you will loose the number and will not have a possibility to use it, otherwise you will always pay for call forwarding to a number at your new location. Yes, Sometimes it is a good option, but not an option at all, when you printed your phone number on your products 2 years ago and people still call these numbers for support.

If you use the numbers from UcallWeconn you will not experience such problems, you will just move to a new location, roll out the IT infrastructure and start receiving calls immediately. We can do for you even more, while you're moving to a new location, we can forward calls to your mobile number or to the number of mobile operator, which has all incoming calls free, if you use your phone in more than 60 countries.

You can be in New York, but have a Moscow phone number, no problem. We wipe out all distances, they remain only on maps. Now your clients don't need to make an international phone call to reach your office in America, they just make a local call. This approach improves the communication between your company and your clients, marketing people say, that such an approach improves your brand.

You can have a number in each of the countries, where you have business. Now you don't need to rent an office in all those countries, hire a personnel, make an accounting, open bank accounts. At the end all this activity as a result will have only one thing. People will be sitting in the office and answering phone calls. Just forward all your calls to one destination and make great savings on the dailty operational activity in all other countries without loosing profits.

A translation of this page into Russian: Прямые номера в 70-ти странах? Без проблем!

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PostSubject: Re: Why do you need to buy DIDs with UcallWeconn?   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:16 am

This sounds like a pretty good deal. I had a pretty big problem when we relocated our business a few years ago. We were forced to change our phone number, and it was a huge mess. We did all we could to make the transition as smooth as possible, but it is quite possible that we have lost some repeat business from past customers who have possibly tried to call our old number. I wish we had known about this service then!
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Why do you need to buy DIDs with UcallWeconn?
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